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What our clients are saying about us!

Quotes QuickBooks Training: Theresa was great to show us all the basics and kept up with all our questions and us moving from subject to subject. It was a pleasure training with her. She made it easy and less scary. Quotes
Ann Paveglio & Barbara Geringswald
JEM Architecturals, Inc

Quotes The QuickBooks training was very informative and easy to understand. I would certainly recommend the training services. Quotes
Joan Newton
JB Cruise & Tours, Inc

Quotes "The one-on-one QuickBooks training class taught me how to utilize a lot of the features in QuickBooks I wasn't familiar with" Quotes
Maria Simson

Quotes "What a great learning experience, I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to use QuickBooks to manage their business cash flow." Quotes
Elliott Nieves

Quotes I can say that I never had a problem speaking with my accounting professional at Bookkeeping & More Services when I have a problem, they are always available to answer any of my questions. Quotes
Innovative Solutions

Quotes We started our business 2 years ago. We knew we needed someone to come in to assist us with managing our finances, but we couldn't afford to hire someone with the expertise and experience we needed, what a disaster. We ended up paying our Accountant additional money to fix the errors our previous bookkeeper created, plus we had to pay penalties to the IRS for filing our taxes late. Never again! We were recommended by a colleague. Ever since, we've been saving money with the professional services of Bookkeeping & More Services. It is a blessing to know that you can work with a company you can trust. Quotes
Co-Owner, Atlantic Relocation Systems

Quotes We are very satisfied with choosing your company to provide our bookkeeping services. With your vast knowledge and experience you were able to create an organized accounting system - which we continue follow, collect on our past due billings and consult with us on our accounting issues. Thank you for your support. Quotes
President, EcomWorks, Inc.

Quotes "I can't think of a firm in the area that I'd rather work with, your customer services is phenomenal and I would be happy to recommend your company. Quotes
President, Jones Cleaning Service

Quotes The relationship we've formed with Bookkeeping & More Services has been very beneficial, we love the personalized attention we receive". Quotes
President, Computer Head, Inc