Bookkeeping & Accounting 

We specialize in avoiding IRS problems.
Our highly skilled professionals will assist with maintaining your accounting records and providing you with timely,  up-to-date, accurate financial data and help reduce costly infrastructures, so you can focus on growing and expanding your business. 

Industry Specialties

Small Businesses

Non Profit Organizations

HOA & Property Rentals

Keeping track of your business and personal expenses and income is a crucial part in operating a successful business staying within your spending budget. 

We cater to retail establishments, service providers, medical practices, and start-ups of all kinds have come to us to handle their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Small businesses require unique needs based on their budget and volume.

Unlike large corporations, who need full-time accounting needs. We provide our small businesses with part-time or temporary service needs assisting them with creating an organized accounting management system and process.

We understand that the critical areas of focus for nonprofit organizations are the budgeting process, management of cash and assets.

Nonprofit organizations need thorough and meticulous financial assistance from experienced professionals who understands their unique requirements.

Our accounting professionals are experienced and trained to offer the highest level of expertise and knowledge in assisting to improve their organization’s accounting process, control budgets and increase productivity; our competitive rates will allow your organization to save money toward your accounting expenses to apply toward other budgeted needs.   
Bookkeeping and accounting services for our HOA & Rental Properties include multi-family, HOA for Condos, Co-ops and Commercial properties.

We assist our clients with maintaining accurate and organized financial records and ensure compliance with the accounting standards of these properties for a fraction of the cost of less experienced, on-site accounting staff! 

Whether its a property of 2 units or 3,000 units, we brings in-depth accounting and rental management service experience to our clients' properties.
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We Partner with Our Clients to...
Save money and reduce tax liabilies.
Free up valuable time so they can focus on their company's growth.
Give them a peace of mind to concentrate of other important issues.
Reduce the cost of their operating expenses.
Offer expert knowledge on a variety of aspects to running a business.
Provide support they can truly rely on.
We use the latest computerized cloud technology to provide our clients with accurate and reliable data. We'd like to show you how you can get better results from your bookkeeping and accounting.