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Become a Smarter Spender

Ever wondered how much you paid on groceries last year? or how much you spent on clothing?how much you gave the utility company on a yearly basis?... And how you can reduce your personal expenses to save money.

Your lifestyle is constantly changing and growing; and so are your financial needs.  Our Individual Financial Management Services is designed specifically for individuals, teaching them how to properly track and manage their personal finances using computerized techniques, easily.
We offer two (2) types of program to assist our individual client, keep track of there finances:

Individual Financial Records Keeping
Our individual financial record keeping program is designed for the individual who want us to professionally manage and maintain their personal finances.  We provide our clients with a regular schedule to keep their financial records updated.

Individual Financial Management Training
Our individual financial management training program is designed for the individual who want our accounting professional to teach them how to take control of their finances and learn efficient ways to manage and maintain their personal finances using  a user-friendly computerized accounting software program, to record, track and manage expenses and income.  Watch our video below to review our course outline.
What does individual financial management mean?
When we speak about financial management, most people think of retirement, which for the most part is very important, but not in this case.  Financial management  means sustaining a consistent organized record keeping of your personal or business spending and collection of funds.  To see where your money is going, to track and balance your finances and to achieve financial short-term goals much quicker and long-term goals more knowledgeable.
Who needs personal financial management?
Single parents, stay-at-home parent, head of households. Any individual who has financial goals.

The Benefits:
  • Become financially organized.
  • Learn how to record and manage checking, savings, assets and credit card accounts using computerized software, such as Intuit Quicken or Microsoft Money.
  • Ability to pay bills on time by learning to schedule payment reminders.
  • Ability to make automatic payments and keep track.
  • Identify ways to save money, by reducing spending which will increase your savings.
  • Become financially intelligent about your money.

Learn how BMFMS can help you manage your personal finances, contact us, today!