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Accounting & Financial Solutions

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting: 3 Steps to Success

Accuracy in planning, budgeting, and forecasting is absolutely essential for your business to succeed.

Ultimately, all three are important for defining an organization’s goals and providing a roadmap for how to achieve them.  Still, these processes can become extremely detailed and time consuming.

This report illustrates best practices for facilitating your financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes to help your organization become a best-in-class performer rather than an industry laggard.

What to Do When Your Small Business has Outgrown QuickBooks: Guide

If you're like most businesses, you've been using QuickBooks to manage your company's financials. It's well known. It's easy. It works. And it offers the functionality a business needs when it's starting out.

But if your business has moved beyond the entry level, you may find you're doing more outside of QuickBooks—which is affecting your organization's productivity.

Discover why now's the time to graduate to a more robust financial management and accounting system.

More and more businesses are turning to sales tax automation to help them accomplish sales goals. It seems that sales tax compliance has never been more complicated. Learn how to help your small business achieve greater success and security.

Read these 12 sales tips to help you stay on top of the ever-shifting sales tax landscape.

The Nonprofit CFO's Survival Guide

Increasing revenue. Consolidating across multiple entities. Budgeting. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the fact that CFOs of nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike do, indeed, share many of the same challenges in pursuit of the same overarching goal: optimizing the returns of the organization’s activities by carefully managing all aspects of its finances. But, of course, in the nonprofit world, it’s not about maximizing profitability it’s about maximizing impact.

This paper discusses the challenges, requirements, the tips and best practices from numerous nonprofit finance experts.

Understanding Chargebacks - What Can You Do to Minimize Ecommerce Chargebacks

Selling products and services online and using credit cards for payment is a convenient and great way to maximize sales numbers and open doors to new consumers as well as opportunities. However, as with many things, there is a downside to taking credit cards. They're called chargebacks.

It is essential for a merchant to understand and minimize chargebacks, and this paper will help provide all the details you need to manage chargebacks.

What Small Businesses Can Do to Secure Capital

Establishing and managing business credit is the lifeblood of any small business. Always a challenging task, obtaining funding within the current economic environment and reduction in available capital is even more difficult for small businesses.

Managing business credit well in advance of financing needs places your company in a favorable position when financing needs do arise.

Read more of this whitepaper to learn how to underwrite your small business and acquire loans.

How to Graduate from QuickBooks to Cloud Financials & Accounting

Graduating from QuickBooks to Cloud Financials and Accounting

A series of market trends are reshaping the financial management needs of companies of all sizes, especially small and mid-size businesses.

In the past, graduating from QuickBooks meant acquiring a costly and complex on-premise software application. Today, a new breed of cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions has emerged to address businesses’ real-time financial management needs. 


This whitepaper will discuss these trends and examine how cloud-based financial management solutions are responding to the growing needs of small and mid-sized organizations.

Improving Expense Management for SMBs - 5 Challenges & Opportunities

Inefficient processes have costs on small businesses. That point is both clear and understood. But, what is generally less understood are what the actual costs of the inefficiencies are and how they impact the business.

Learn about the top five inefficient expense management processes that present a host of challenges (and opportunities) for the typical small business.

11 Mysterious Credit Card Fees Explained

Whether your business accepts it or not, the future of payments is electronic. Enhanced electronic payment options are now able to deliver superior transaction convenience, security and speed to consumers and merchants. Staying on top of merchant trends will incentivize more purchases and makes the overall purchase experience more enjoyable.

Download this white paper and find out about the expenses which are important to you.

7 Sneaky Credit Card Fees & Terms to Avoid: Must-Have Guide

If you're in business these days, you need to accept credit cards. The problem is, which type of credit card processing should you choose? And how do you know which processors are worth using?

But, with regards to contracts and fees, there are two things to remember: Look over the contract with a lawyer, and nothing is set in stone until you sign the contract.

Download this free paper and understand the major contract terms and fees before you select a new credit card processor!

Human Resources Tips

How to Manage the Link Between Pay & Performance For Your Staff
Any process designed to drive meaningful business results must provide efficiency, scalability and ease of use.
When employees cannot see the link between pay and performance, the incentive structure is lost. When earning calculations are difficult to interpret, employees will struggle to understand how incentives are earned, causing a disconnect between the plan’s effectiveness and business goals.

This paper helps business leaders develop the proper link between pay and performance to keep their staff motivated and ultimately keep their organization running smooth.

How To Conduct a Successful Background Check - The 7 Latest Tips

Whether in sports or in the investment markets, past performance is often used as an indicator of expected future performance.

Background checks enable organizations to collect information about a job applicant’s past through both open sources and public records. While multiple proactive solutions exist for combating internal theft and fraud, implementing background checks stops a great proportion of misfit applicants from entering an organization at the entrance gate, preventing losses before they occur.

Download this white paper and find out how to effectively implement a background checking process for your business.

5 Ways to Manage The Rising Costs of Benefits

A robust benefits package can be the difference between a talented superstar choosing to work with you versus a larger, more established competitor. But with the cost of benefits rising each year, providing a benefits package that helps you attract, retain and motivate talented people gets harder all the time.

With knowledge and planning, you can create a win-win situation for yourself and your employees. You can use benefits to meet the needs of your workforce and successfully compete for top talent.

How to Trim Inflated HR Costs - Free Small Business Guide

Entrepreneurial execs know that they need to follow the rules, but they may not realize what decisions may lead to the two vital components that keep HR costs lower: increasing productivity and minimizing human capital expenses.

This paper will focus on minimizing human capital expenses in four areas:

  • Hiring the right person for the right seat on the right bus
  • Improving performance with motivational yet balanced total compensation
  • Complying with the law Offering competitive benefits, communicated effectively.
10 Principles for Building an Effective Workforce

It is much more difficult to copy workforce capability than it is to copy a marketing program or a product. And the reality is, you don't really want to copy anyone else's human capital plan. Rather, you want to build the human capital plan that's right for your unique situation, business model, and goals.

The Human Capital Plan is an important tool that organizations use to drive focused actions that can ensure goal achievement and business success. It helps shape the organization by building a plan to develop the workforce and practices needed to meet an organization's vision, mission, and goals.

Top 5 HR Compliance Concerns for Small Businesses - Small Business Guide

As the economic horizon continues to shift and belts tighten, small and medium sized companies may wind up being so focused on core business issues that they overlook one of their most serious and costly issues ù human resource compliance. Unlike their large-company counterparts, they lack the time and resources to build infrastructure and processes that are beyond core business objectives.

But if entrepreneurs and smaller business owners are focused solely on growth and product, how do they know what issues to look for in order to protect the company?

Marketing Solutions

Why Your Current CMS is Failing Your Marketing Team

The company that is first to market with insightful thinking and novel approaches that help clients create a thoughtful path forward capture both the thought leadership edge and market share.

But to do so requires communicating your value quickly and your company’s website is often the first point of communication.

Yet standard operating procedures at many companies make it difficult for the marketer to control web content and are ultimately limiting the company’s exposure in the market place.

By reading this white paper you will learn how you can finally bring the power back to the marketer and drastically improve your company’s ability to engage with customers and prospects like never before!

Product Marketing Best Practices for Your Website - Guide

With global eCommerce sales projected to reach nearly $1 trillion by 2013,  those businesses  that subscribe to the promise of eCommerce will reap the rewards of its undeniable  worldwide  reach. 

Read this white paper and learn the key factors that will help make your eCommerce strategy a global success.

Download Whitepaper!

Small Business Management

20 Sales Industry Predictions to Sell Smarter in 2014

20 Guaranteed Ways to Sell Smarter in 2014
Today’s high-velocity selling environment is constantly evolving. To make the most of the opportunity and drive revenue, sales teams must be nimble, and arm themselves with smart practices and strategies.

To help sales professionals start 2014 strong and get ahead of the competition, we asked 20 sales thought-leaders and practitioners for their predictions and insights on how to sell smarter in the year ahead.

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Legal: Building better business relationships with contract management

Smarter Commerce requires smarter contract management 

Legal professionals and other executives recognize the need to introduce new standardization, rigor and automation across the contract management lifecycle.

Customer Analytics for Dummies

Customer Analytics Made Easy: 51-Page Dummies Book

Because 90 percent of the data in the world has been created in the last two years, capturing it, analyzing it, and acting on it to get closer to your customers can sound like an  overwhelming concept. 

This Dummies Book will show you how to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Grow customer lifetime value
  • Retain Customers at risk of defection
  • Enhance customer loyalty and advocacy

How Five Hot Trends Are Shaping the Future of Business Analytics

How to Make Your Best Clients Even Better
Smart companies used to review the data they had collected and make decisions about the future based on what had happened in the past. That kind of thinking was good – once.   Nowadays, it’s like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. The good news is that exciting technologies are now emerging to help drive innovation.

Read this white paper to learn how you can make your best clients even better.


Balancing customer service quality and costs is an ongoing battle for most organizations.Superior service means

higher labor spend, but shunting customers into long support queues and confusing self-help areas costs companies

loyalty and retention.

Eight Ways to Generate New Revenue With Business Intelligence and Analytics

8 Keys to Winning New Business
As marketers, it is our job to identify new ways to generate quality leads for sales. By downloading the Definitive Guide to Lead Generation, you will see how lead generation has evolved and ways you can optimize your marketing techniques to improve lead generation.

The trick is turning the buzzwords into benefits.
In this white paper you'll the 8 keys to winning new business and sustaining success.

Become a Customer Engagement Expert – Handbook
Just a few short years ago, customer engagement meant attracting customers with the promise of great deals and moving them as quickly as possible to checkout.

Now, with almost endless product choices, media channels, and new shopping experiences vying for customers’ attention, customer engagement is about cutting through the noise and creating emotional connections that drive word-of-mouth advertising and future sales.

Learn tips and strategies you can use to engage today’s technology-empowered customers—and turn more interactions into transactions.

6 Way To Immediately Improve Your Customer Experience

Do you know how many customer calls came into your company yesterday? On average, how long did callers have to wait before speaking with one of your employees? Overall, how would you rate your customer experience with your staff?

If you can’t answer these questions, you don’t have good visibility.

Read more of this whitepaper to learn how to gain better visibility into how your company handles customer and prospective customer phone calls.

Seven Steps To Build Customer Loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average business loses 50 percent of its customers every five years. This suggests there is a need to nurture existing customers to avoid this costly proposition. Every company strives for higher customer retention, but often focuses more time and energy on gaining new customers.

Download this guide to learn how to refocus your energy on retaining your best clients.


Strategies for taking control of your finances "What Every Person, Business Owner& Manager Needs to Know!"

Strategies For Taking Control Of Your Finances Foundation in Financial Intelligence. Ways to Achieve Wealth. The Most Important Rule in Investing. How to Get Out of a Financial Mess. Wealth Building Models. 3 Ways of Making Money...

"SPECIAL REPORT" Success and Your Business
"And have nothing to do with the Recession"   Whether online or offline, running a successful business has nothing to do with the recession, but everything to do with how you think. Understand and apply the principle that you will discover in this FREE e-Book, and your business will truly flourish.
Top 7 Advantages of the Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a breakthrough in technology delivery, serving as a powerful catalyst for changing the value proposition and economics of business management. SaaS significantly reduces the cost of technology ownership, freeing you to invest your capital elsewhere and allowing you to run your business, not your software.

This white paper explores the business advantages and considerations of moving to the Cloud and running your business via SaaS.

7 Little Known Goal Setting Tips

Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T ) goals. Work on the theory of goal-setting suggests that it's an effective tool for making progress by ensuring that participants in a group with a common goal are clearly aware of what is expected from them.

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Best Practices When Establishing Your Business Credibility

Your business credibility can affect the way your business stakeholders perceive you; including customers, lenders, investors, and employees. By doing the following you can easily enhance your business credibility:

  • Obtain business licenses, permits, etc.
  • List business in the phone directory
  • Publish full business address & contact information

Read more of this whitepaper to learn how to structure your business, establish a business credit file, and much more.

Electronic Contracting and How to Meet Your Sales Quotas

Leading competitive companies already use web contracting for external, customer-facing workflows—primarily for sales or partner agreements. In all cases, web contracting and esignatures can shorten the contracting process from days or weeks to hours, from start to finish.

Learn the top five benefits organizations take advantage of when using cloud-based web contracts, including:

  • Improved sales performance and reduced revenue cycles
  • Transparency and reporting
  • And more

Read this now!

Building a Small Business Reputation That Matters

Market credibility is the means that a firm uses to validate itself with all the entities with which it does business. Not to be mistaken as brand recognition. An effective credibility strategy starts with all stakeholders and should be a business goal of a company's overall strategy.

Read more of this whitepaper to learn the confidence building tactics that can be used with your stakeholders.

Technology Software & Solutions

Everything you need to know to create the ultimate sales and marketing tool.  If you’re thinking about integrating your existing CRM with a marketing automation system, it’s important that you understand the benefits this will provide and the steps that will be required for implementation.

So, let’s get started!

10 Simple Tips to Enhancing your eCommerce Effectiveness

It used to be that increasing sales and conversions meant increasing traffic volumes. But merchants are now realizing that getting visitors to your online store is really only the first step in the conversion process. Your conversion rate is more than a measure of your sales. It’s a measure of how well your store is meeting your customers’ needs.

This guide identifies some easy and not-so-obvious opportunities for increasing conversion rates. The tips outlined here are those we believe even the most seasoned merchants will find worth exploring.

5 Ways a POS Systems Can Save You Money!

A point of sale (POS) system consists of the hardware and software necessary to complete sale transactions.

Many of the components of point of sale systems can now be bought off the shelf, at prices ranging from nearly nothing to tens of thousands of dollars. Today's POS systems need to be fast, reliable, easy to use, and rich in features. In this guide, we'll tell you how to set up  a POS system for your business, without breaking the bank.

Download this free paper and learn the 5 ways a POS systems can save you money!

10 Surefire Ways to Allow Hackers Into Your Network

The real world is dynamic and complex; and securing your environment is a major challenge.

IT infrastructures are in a state of constant change. The perimeter has dissolved and we are now connecting to applications in the network and in the cloud, all being accessed by an ever increasing set of devices that we don’t control.

This paper explores the challenges with delivering effective security today and why traditional static approaches fail to provide the protection we need.

8 Reasons Data Is More Secure in the Cloud

When it comes to disasters, the question isn’t if, but when they will occur. They can range from minor power outages to catastrophic floods, but more often result from malicious tampering, computer failure, hardware theft, computer viruses, or hacking. Equally common is the disaster of simply deleting a file accidentally.

Read this paper and learn eight reasons why data is best stored and protected in the cloud.

9 Steps to Smart Security for Small Business - Guide

Your business depends on computers and data. They help you advertise products, capture orders, process payments and keep accounts. Good security ensures business is carried out efficiently, correctly and without interruption.  

Download Free Whitepaper

Understanding Credit Card Processing - Free Small Business Guide

Any company doing business in today’s technology-driven society can easily understand the value of credit card processing and its importance in offering customers a multitude of payment options. No matter what kind of love/hate relationship people have with their credit cards, their rate of use increases every year. And as a result of the ability to shop online, online credit card processing is more significant than it has ever been for businesses of any size.

This guide will walk you through the process and also provide you with some of the terminology, and how to deal with credit card processing vendors.

5 Tips to Make Your Site Thrive on iOS & Android

In a business world driven by activity on smart phones, businesses have to ensure their customers can access their site at any time anywhere. But many organizations simply leave site performance to the IT team, ignoring what a key driver it is for nearly every area of the business.

This paper is a must-read primer for business managers and executives as on web and mobile performance. It outlines best practices to meet the performance expectations of web and mobile customers.

Using Technology to Increase Small Business Productivity

As a small business owner, you likely work many nights and weekends trying to keep up. While technology can sometimes be frustrating when it doesn’t work right, recent apps will help save valuable time that you can dedicate to other areas of your business. Or even better yet, give you more time off the clock.

This quick guide outlines key apps to help grow your business and free your time. Learn how you can save time and money by using these four technology trends to support your small business.

The Top Five Signs Your Business Has Reached the Limits of QuickBooks Hemmed In? It's Time to Break out of the Box

Is QuickBooks the right choice to drive the next stage of your company's growth?

With over 3.5 million QuickBooks users, you're not the only one facing this question.

Timing is everything: if you replace QuickBooks too early, then you may end up with more software than you need right now. But if you wait too long, you could end up struggling with inefficient business processes that could actively damage your business performance and prospects for future profitability and growth.

Read this paper to discover the telltale signs that your business has bumped into the limits of QuickBooks or perhaps, has already outgrown QuickBooks.